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Inspiration from our daily lives

Posted by: | Posted on: June 6, 2018
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Artists around the world are challenging the accepted ideas of what is art by merging art with everyday life. Confused? After all, what could your oven, fridge, toaster, or vacuum cleaner have to to with artistic inspiration? Here’s a great video that explains a few things:

Looking to create your own artistic stamp on the world? Here are some ideas to make your artistic creation relatable and interesting.

1- Food for thought

Food and art have gone hand in hand for centuries and the best chefs always try to make their food creations look beautiful. However, digital artists are taking that one step further by combining food and art in creative ways. Check out how artist Stephen McMennany combines photos of food with normal objects with optical illusions called “combophotos”.

2- Household items

One trend is to make artworks from household items and why not? These days, technology develops so quickly that everyday items that are part of our daily lives may no longer be the same in 10 or 20 or 30 years.

So, immortalizing the things we use every day seems to make more sense than it used to in the past.

In the future, fridges are likely to turn into a home assistant that makes your shopping list and orders the groceries; the television set has already evolved from being a square box to a flat panel and other implements, the vacuum cleaner is evolving into a robot maid. Check out the category called “vacuum cleaner art” on Pinterest.

So, making an art installation about your toaster or vacuum cleaner is not so silly as it will help preserve the memories of the traditional family home.

3- Immortalizing the toilet

Yes, don’t laugh, it takes a really creative mind to turn a toilet into an art installation. Over the last several years, beautifying public toilets has turned into an art form, with artists vying to put their stamp on these public toilets.  Making an installation about the evolution of the toilet makes perfect sense.

After all, food, shelter and going to the toilet are all basic human needs. You’d be surprised at how much interested there is in looking at these. It has been 100 years since Marcel Duchamp created the urinal sculpture, Fountain.

For inspiration, check out the 24k gold fully functioning toilet creation by Maurizio Cattelan at New York’s Guggenheim museum.

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